Step 3: Create Security Roles

Next, you will be creating Permission/Security Roles for staff and key volunteers to give them the access that they need to your database, but not more than what they need.

Add Admins

  1. Within People, click on the Settings gear icon, then select Permissions.


  2. Select the Roles tab. 

  3. Within the Admin tile, click the + icon to add individuals that will have the Admin role and the associated permissions. The Admin role allows full access to all features within People. 

  4. Search for the Individual you would like to give the Admin role, then click Save. The Admin role can be removed from an individual by clicking the trash icon at the end of their name/row.

Create New Roles

  1. On the same page (Settings > Permissions > Roles) scroll to the Add Role tile and type the Role Name you'd like to create. Hit Enter

  2. When the new Role appears, click the Edit icon. 


  3. Use the checkboxes to select the permissions that you would like to be associated with this new role.

    a. The Permission Category Descriptions help article includes details for every option when setting up your Roles and will be helpful when making selections.


  4. Scroll down to Groups and select whether you want all groups or only select groups to determine where this role may be utilized.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Once back on the Roles page, click the + icon next to the newly-created role to begin to add users to that role. 

  7. Search for the Individual you would like to give the Admin role, then click Save.


Next: Step 4 - Create Groups


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