Redeeming Tickets for Events & Signups

That's right - not only does your giving platform include FREE Event Registration Forms, but now you can also enable ticketing and redeem digital tickets for groups or individuals! 

To learn more about enabling tickets for Event Registrations, click here.

You've planned, published, promoted, and publicized... now the big day has finally arrived. Attendees will be arriving soon, anxiously ready to check-in to your event!


Tickets may be redeemed and registrants checked-in a few different ways. The right way is the way that works best for you and your team! You've got this 

First, navigate to Forms in the left navigation pane, locate your event registration form, and click on the Responses.


The following page will display all responses to the event registration form, and a column for Ticket Verification will show if a ticket has already been scanned or not.

From this page, you may search for a registrant name or click the Ticket Scanning tab to scan a ticket or manually enter the access code.


When first opening the Ticket Scanning tab, your device may ask permission to use a built-in camera if applicable. If allowable, you may receive a registrant's ticket (printed or displayed on their phone) and hold the QR code in the scanning area.

You may also utilize an external QR scanning device or manually enter the access code on the ticket.



Once scanned or entered, you'll see instantly if the ticket was verified successfully...



...or, if a duplicate ticket has been presented.


Someone lost their ticket... help!

At some point, it is likely that an attendee will report a missing ticket or an accidentally deleted email. No worries! Just like any Form, all response information can be seen within the Form Response.

Navigate to the Event Registration form and click the Responses, just like in the instructions above. Search for the individual whose ticket you'd like to resend.

Open his or her form response and across the top, notice the Tickets tab. From here, you can print or email the ticket to the attendee.



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