Form Properties: Payment

If you intend to accept a gift or payment through your form, be sure to look through the payment tab and customize your options.



Enable Member Portal

Enabling the Member Portal will provide your giver or registrant the option to log into their account. If that individual has their payment information saved, being logged in would mean they would not need to re-enter that information, additionally, their new gift or payment will be reflected in their history.


Enable Partial Payments

Partial Payments provide your givers or registrants the option to pay in increments verses one lump sum. Payers will be asked to log in or create an account so that we can draft from a saved payment method (similar to any other online payment/shopping experience). They will also have the option to make manual or automatic payments, as well as the amounts, start date, and frequency selections. Note: Member Portal must be enabled for Partial Payments. Find out more about Partial Payments here.


Enable Recurring Payments

This will allow your givers to set automatic scheduled gifts. You can set frequency options, as well as a maximum number of payments if you'd like. Givers will be asked for the amount, a start date, and the frequency of their gift. You can now also set your form to default to a recurring gift instead of one time. Note: Member Portal must be enabled for Recurring Gifts. Find out more about recurring gifts here.


Recurring Gift Prompt

Activating this feature will gently prompt registered, one-time givers to make their gift recurring. You can edit what the prompt says, and also when the prompt will appear (after each gift, every three gifts, or every five gifts). Find out how this prompt appears to your givers here.


Donor Covers Fees

Allowing givers or payers to off-set processing fees is a wonderful way to foster financial transparency and good stewardship within your ministry. You can make this fee payment a requirement (say for event registration or ticket sales), or optional. You can request a flat dollar amount or a percentage, then you can even set that amount. Find out more here.


Enable Discount Code

Want your volunteers to register for your event, but not have to pay full price? You can activate a discount code. Simply check the box, then enter the code of your choice (i.e. "VOLUNTEER"), then set the amount of the discount. You can set a flat dollar amount or percentage. You'll then want to be sure to share that discount code with anyone who needs it!


Accepted Payment Types

Your organization is already set to accept certain payment types, but you can also set parameters based on individual forms giving you even more control. You can select multiple options such as Credit/Debit Cards, only Debit Cards, ACH (Bank Transfer), or Pay Later. The Pay Later option is ideal for givers or registrants that want to pay with a cash or check. If the giver or registrant has selected the Pay Later option, we recommend providing a deadline to complete their payment and an address where they can mail or drop off their payment. Keep in mind that cash and check transactions will not be reflected in your reports. Managers will need to view Form Responses, make a note of individuals who opted to "Pay Later", and request that payment in a timely manner.


Total Amount Fund

Almost every payment field does provide the option to be attached to a specific fund. The Fund Dropdown Payment field allows the giver to select the fund destination. This section is just an extra layer of detail that will force a gift to a fund of your choice if, for any reason, a fund was not selected. A Total Amount Fund is required in order to publish a form.


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