New Form Setup Checklist ✔️

Not a web designer or coding wiz? PERFECT! Our Forms are simple enough for anyone to create and share, with virtually unlimited customization options!


If you still feel that someone on your team would be a better fit, please remember that you can always add additional Managers to your account with personalized, limited permissions.


Once you've located your Form Manager (left navigation menu), this checklist will help ensure that you have a solid foundation to build a functional and fantastic-looking form:



✔️ Select your Template

In the top right-hand corner of the Forms Manager page, you'll see a "+Create New Form" button. That will display your template options. These templates were created with the most commonly used settings and fields for that form type, but can still be tailored to your exact needs. More details on templates & creating a form here.



✔️ Configure your Form Fields

Each template has data collection Form Fields built-in for your convenience. If those fields don't fit the exact goals for your form, you can simply remove them, and then add the ones you do need. There are many intuitive field types and options, so be sure to read more about Form Fields here.


✔️ Configure your Form Properties

Form Properties options are the same for every type of form, but each template will vary slightly in pre-selected options. There are a few very important properties that you definitely do not want to overlook such as adding eye-catching color or an image to your form, customizing payment options, allowing donors to help with processing fees, and customizing the email receipts and notifications for each form submission.


✔️ Save & Publish Form

Each time you work on your form you'll want to be sure to click Save from the bottom right-hand corner. You can also Save your Form as a New Template! You'll also be prompted to Publish your form. Publishing your form will create your sharing options. Note: Publishing will also override the existing version of your form that is "live" if you have already linked or embedded it on your website



✔️ Share your Form!

You have a few ways you can share your form with the world! Be sure to not only add it to your website.. but also to your social media outlets and any outbound communication outlets you utilize, such as emails or newsletters.


Simple as that! We told you anyone could do it! 😉


If you need additional help with forms, schedule a Coaching Call with our amazing Success Team!


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