Deposit Reporting

See detailed reports of every gift batch deposited into your bank account.

We've made it simple to track and manage deposits in your manager dashboard. You’ll have a detailed report for every batch of gifts deposited into your bank account. 


Navigate to the Reports tab in the left navigation pane of your manager portal and select Deposits in the sub-menu.


The default view of the Deposits page will display the Funding tab, your Data Export Details, and the current month’s batch deposits. You can select a date range of your choice by clicking in the From and To date fields.



Take action by clicking View Transactions, Export or Save or Print Details to the right of each batch report. (You may also filter by a specific Batch ID from within the Transactions tab to be lead directly to the deposit details of the batch you’ve selected.)

View Transactions: will take you to a complete list of all Transactions within that Deposit batch.

Export: Export all Transactions within that batch in a CSV File Format

Save or Print Details: Allows you to print or save Transaction information in PDF format, sorted by Funds. (See screenshot below).

Note: Batch deposits are deposited 2-3 business days from the date of the donation. Deposits made during the same business day or during the same weekend will batch together. (Ex: donations given on a Monday will batch together and deposit on the following Wednesday or Thursday, and all donations given on Saturday and Sunday will batch together and deposit on the following Tuesday or Wednesday).


Export Deposit Report

To Export or Print the contents of the report, use the Export and/or Print Buttons in the top right corner of your screen.



  • The report includes all transactions within that batch regardless of payment source (including credit card, debit card, and ACH).

  • Kiosk transactions are batched and deposited separately from the rest of your giving.

    • To view your kiosk deposits, navigate to the transactions report, use the custom date range to filter by day, then select "Kiosk" as the payment method. 



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