Deposits Overview

 How do I keep track of what is sent to our bank account?

We've made it simple to track and manage deposits in your manager portal. 


Deposit Reporting

  • Deposit Report: You’ll have a detailed report for every batch of gifts deposited into your bank account. 

  • Kiosk Deposits: Kiosk transactions are batched daily and deposited separately from the rest of your giving.

    • To view your kiosk deposits, navigate to the transactions report, use the custom date range to filter by day, then select "Kiosk" as the payment method. 

*Deposit reports include all transactions within that batch regardless of payment source (including credit card, debit card, and ACH).


Your Organization's Depository Account

  • Funds are deposited into your organization's bank account. 

  • If you need to update bank account information or add an additional depository account, our team is happy to help!




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