Mobile App Calendar Module


Use the Calendar module in your Mobile App to promote your events and quickly link to registrations or sign-ups! The calendar simply imports events from an outside source calendar, saving you the double work of managing an extra calendar!


Select Your Source Calendar:

The calendar module imports events from one of two sources:

  1. Dynamically through Amplify People
  2. From a 3rd party calendar (such as Google Calendar)

Amplify People

To import a calendar from Amplify People, toggle on the Calendar Feed from ChMS Integration button and select a calendar view from the drop-down menu that appears. (A view is a custom set of events based on filters you create). Most organizations create a calendar view titled "Website" or "Public" to display public-facing events. Learn more about calendar views.




Note: Keep in mind, the Event Feed updates approximately every 15 minutes. So, when you are adding new events to the calendar make sure to allow a small time cushion, refresh the app and your event will appear.


A 3rd Party Calendar

Most 3rd party calendar tools, such as Google Calendar, provide an ical URL to share events. Simply copy and paste this URL into the ICAL EMBED LINK field and your calendar should dynamically populate with your events. 


Remember...if we've all learned anything about events, it's that anything can change... even at a moment's notice! Should you need to edit event information, remember to do so at the source calendar, meaning the original Calendar, not the Calendar module within your Mobile App.


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