Next Steps: Add a Project and Set-up Mobile App Settings


Add a Project

After accessing the Mobil App in your account you'll land on the Projects page. Click the (+) icon to create a new project. Name your project the name of your organization, and click Start Project.



What are Projects? Projects are unique versions of your App. When you're getting started, just use one.

If your App is live and you want to make significant changes, creating a new project can be helpful to hide your work from the public until you're ready to Publish. Only one Project can be Published (visible to your community) at a time.


Configure the General Information Screen

After creating a project, you'll be taken to the General Info Screen. Fill out these three simple fields.


  • Ministry Name:  The name you would like displayed on the app for your organization.

  • Description:  A short welcome message and description of what your community can do within your app. For example...
    • Stay connected with our Mobile App! Watch past sermons, view & register for upcoming events, submit prayer requests, check in before service, and much more!

  • Address:  The physical meeting address of your organization.
    • Note: Your Meeting Location address is what's used to geotag your organization if your community searches for your app by location in the App Stores (Ex: Searching by zip code). Double-check for accuracy.

Pro-Tip: We provide App Store buttons and direct links to your App. Use these rather than asking your community to search for your app. It's much simpler. Learn More at Promotion & Launch.

Add Your Logo



Adding your logo increases the branded look and feel of your Mobile App. Your file must be at least 372px x 372px and in JPG or PNG format. Once you upload your photo, you can crop and adjust your image.

Pro-Tip: If possible, we suggest using just the "image" portion of your logo as you'll need to crop it to a 1:1 (square) ratio, which will appear as a circle. (Remember, the text you entered in the Ministry Name field will appear immediately beneath your logo (example below). 




The logo will appear on the pre-created promotion page we provide as well as on the confirmation screen when a user installs your version of our Mobile App


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