Customizing Email Templates: Gift Receipts and Confirmations

You have total control over email messaging! Customize your heart out.

With your giving platform, you can completely personalize every auto-generated email or donation receipt to engage or assist your donors. 

Gift Receipts for:

  • Text Giving
  • First-Time Givers
  • Recurring Gifts
  • Expiring Cards
  • ACH Returns
  • Chargebacks
  • Virtual Terminal Receipts
  • Recurring Gift Reminders

Can all be customized through your manager portal. 


Navigate to your manager portal. Click the gear symbol in the top right corner to access your account settings and select the Email Templates card.



Use the Template Type dropdown menu to select and customize every email. See each sample below.


Email Templates Screen.png


Text Giving Receipt (Email) / Virtual Terminal

This is the confirmation email sent when a donation has been successfully processed via text giving and/or a virtual terminal transaction.

New Person Email

This is the welcome email sent when someone creates an account - usually just before they donate online.

It automatically includes “Ways to Give” – providing quick links to your giving portal, text giving number(s), and link to download your mobile app.



Recurring Donation Email

This is the confirmation email sent when a donation has been successfully processed from a recurring or scheduled gift.

Note: The top section is similar to the text/virtual terminal email and includes the recurring schedule details.


Expiring Card Email

This email will be sent to a donor when a credit card used for recurring gifts expires within the next 60 days.


Pro-Tip: We recommend including your organization's email address within the BCC field so you can personally reach out to recurring donors when their card will expire. 

This small act is a tremendous opportunity to thank donors personally for their generosity towards your mission and further build relationships.


ACH Return

This email is sent when an ACH Return occurs on your account.




This email is sent when a chargeback occurs on your account. A chargeback occurs when a donor reaches out to their financial institution and requests that the transaction be stopped.  



Recurring Donation Reminder

This is a reminder email sent 1 - 7 days before a recurring donation will be successfully processed.







Other Confirmation Emails

Many of your gifts will be given through your online giving form, which will similarly trigger a customizable email receipt. Find out how to edit that template in form email notifications.


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