Change Primary Manager

How to change your organization's primary manager


Change Your Primary Manager

For your protection, changing your Account's Primary Manager requires assistance from our team. Please contact our Support Team by using the chat bubble on the bottom left of this screen, or call the Support Number listed at the bottom right of your Account Login screen.


Primary Manager FAQ

What's a primary manager?

The primary manager is who our team contacts to sign-off on major account changes (ex. account closure). 

Every organization with a giving platform account has a primary manager.


Who is our primary manager?

By default, the person who registered your organization's giving platform becomes the primary manager.


Identify your primary manager by checking your Managers page: Navigate to your manager dashboard, click the Settings icon (gear symbol ⚙️ in top right corner), then select Managers from the dropdown menu.


Does the primary manager have special administrative privileges?

Unless the primary manager restricts the permissions of other account managers, he/she won't have additional dashboard privileges. Read more: Manager Permissions


The only inherent distinction is that we require primary manager approval for major account changes.


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