Recruit Your Launch Team

Welcome to your giving platform, and congratulations on finishing your account registration! Don’t stop’re on a roll!


Educating your staff and leadership is a crucial step in successfully launching our giving platform. Many of the best launches are a result of a very strong team effort — and that starts by identifying who needs to join your team! 


Here are a few roles that will need to be filled as you think about launching our giving platform. Take a second to read through the list and identify who on your staff fits the bill. (One person wearing all the hats? We’ll make sure he or she receives all the information!)


Finance / Administrator 💰

Who needs access to batch reports? This person typically manages the books, accounting, and reporting. He or she will need access to the manager dashboard and will usually work with your giving platform team on a weekly basis. This can be your accountant, CFO, or even a volunteer. 



Worship/Communications Pastor 🎤

Who will conduct a live walk-through of your giving platform? Typically responsible for non-sermon communication (i.e. weekly announcements, MC responsibilities), this person will most likely be involved in the live rollout of your giving platform, as well as subsequent offering reminders


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