Location Management

Once the Locations feature has been added to your account, managing your settings is simple.


To access Location Management, click the Gear βš™οΈ Wheel at the top right of your admin portal, then find the Locations card.



From the Locations Manager, you can:

  • Add or remove Locations

  • Connect unique forms to each location

  • Add unique logos to each location if desired



Adding or Removing Locations

1. To add a new Location, click + Add New Location


2. Enter your new location name, select which Form you'd like to associate with the new Location, and upload a logo, if desired



3. Click Save and you're done!


To remove or edit a location, click the the 3-dots to the far right of that location to select an action.


πŸ’‘Pro Tip:

As you continue customizing your Location preferences, consider utilizing unique Funds and separate Forms for each Location.


As a reminder:


Below is an example of multiple Locations utilizing campus-specific Funds and Forms.

In Location Management, notice the Portal Address' are different:


Those different Portal Address' reflect three unique giving Forms shown below in the Form Manager:


When clicking the primary giving portal link, givers will be prompted to choose a Location from the selection landing page, then directed to the unique giving form you've created and connected.


Furthermore, if a giver selects the "South Campus", unique Funds will appear for the South Campus in the Fund Dropdown menu:



If a giver selects the "Central Campus," those location-specific Funds will appear in the Fund dropdown instead:

Although the Forms represent the same ministry, the two examples above are different Forms, uniquely created to meet the needs of each Location.


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