Giving Portal: Configure Online Giving Link



Navigate to your manager portal. Click on the Settings icon (gear ⚙️ symbol in the top right corner) and click the Giving Portal card.



Once in the Giving Portal Settings, complete the following fields:



  1. Upload a Header Image, such as your logo.
    Note: The smaller the file size the better (less than 3 MB).  
                   Ideal size in pixels: 800px by 100px

  2. Edit the Display Name. (This is the name that’s displayed at the top of your giving portal. If your header image contains the name of your organization, or, if you don’t want the name to display, this field can be left blank.)

  3. Edit the Portal Address (Optional). You can customize the end of your giving portal URL. A customized portal address is ideal for printed materials as it is easy for your givers to quickly enter it into their mobile browser to access your giving page.

  4. Click Save.


This customized Giving Link will direct givers to your Primary Giving Form. You have practically unlimited customization options for this Form (and many other types of forms)! Find out more here: Online Giving Through Forms.

NOTES: *Your giving portal will not be live until it’s linked to a fund. If there is no Active Fund, the form will status will show "Expired" and will result in a dead link.

Once your giving portal link is live you or your web administrator can add the link to your website or wherever you choose to make your giving link available to your givers. 


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