Overview of General Settings

Customizing a few general settings on your account will provide the best possible experience for your managers and givers, plus, allow our Support & Success teams to serve you best.


You can access your General Settings by clicking the Gear ⚙️ Icon at the top right of your Manager Portal. Then select the Settings card from the tile menu.



Within your General Settings, you can:

  1. Update Billing Information

  2. Set Organizational Settings (such as Organization Type & Terminology)

  3. Access Account Services

  4. Set Accepted Payment Types

  5. Quick Access to Email Templates

  6. Customize your Giving Portal

  7. Enable a Giving Reminder (givers will automatically be reminded to complete an unfinished gift or payment after 45 minutes of inactivity)

As always, if you need assistance configuring your General Settings, feel free to reach out to your Support Team by using the Chat at the bottom left of your screen!


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