Text Giving Management Overview

Text giving is hands-down the easiest way to give. Since text giving is so simple and accessible, it's an effective tool to engage new givers!


Not only is text giving a huge win for givers, it's an incredible tool for churches too. It simplifies administrative processes and provides robust reporting, all while increasing generosity!


Text Giving Experience

Your givers can give to your organization instantly and securely via text! They’ll simply text the dollar amount or the word GIVE to your ministry's unique giving number.


Learn more about how givers experience text giving.


Set Up Text Giving

We’ll equip your organization with a unique 10-digit giving number with your local area code. This number belongs to your ministry alone! Givers save this number in their phone contacts for future giving. 


It takes less than a minute to activate text giving and choose your giving number on your giving platform! 


Text Giving Management FAQ

How does text giving appear in our reporting?

Text-giving0 data is included in all of your reporting. No need to pull separate reports!


Instead of the 10-digit giving number, could our organization use a short code?

Yes! Learn more about 5-digit short codes.


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