Amplify Giving Upgrades: Logging into Amplify

Note: This article only applies to organizations that have been upgraded to Amplify Giving from a previous Ministry Brands Giving Software.

Congratulations! Your Online Giving platform has been upgraded to Amplify, our all-in-one church operations solution designed to grow with your organization's needs.

First, let's ensure you can log in! 

Follow the steps provided in this video or our written instructions.


Steps to Log In:

  1. Navigate to the webpage where you typically access your Giving software and login as usual. 

  2. After logging in, you'll be redirected to a screen asking you to reset your password (below).


  3. Click Reset Password and enter a new password, following the security requirements listed.


  4. Click Done, and you'll be taken to the Amplify Home Screen. Click Giving Admin to access your upgraded Giving Software!


  5. Last, make sure to bookmark This is the new URL you'll use to access your Giving Software.

Note: The look and where to find things within your Giving Software should be nearly the same. The primary change you'll notice is the updated header bar with a blue background.


Note: Should you encounter any issues logging into your Amplify Giving Software, please contact our Support Team.

Next: Review additional information about your upgrade to Amplify and our FAQs.

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