Automated Check Deposits: Mapping & Reporting

SmartPay Business Reports:

There are several out-of-the-box reports in your SmartPay Business Portal that you can take advantage of to find the status of your checks. However, in your Giving Manager portal, you’ll be able to see transaction-level details in addition to the funded batches once the checks have settled into your account.


View and Report on Scanned Checks in Giving:

Once your checks have been scanned and sent off to processing, you’ll be able to see them in your Giving Manager Portal!


Navigate to the Report menu and click the Check Scanning Report tab. This will bring up the list of checks that were scanned on a given date. Select the date at the top you would like to start mapping. To save your mappings, all individuals on the mapping page must be mapped. For each line item, select the donor that the check belongs to by clicking Map to Donor/Individual

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This will bring up a donor selection window. Use the account/routing details and check number to identify the donor you’d like to map to and click “Map.” This will add that donor’s name to the report. Continue this process until all donors are mapped to a specific individual. Note: Once a donor has been mapped to specific check details, they will be mapped automatically with future check batches.


Next, you may Select Fund for All Checks at the top of the page to attribute the same fund to all checks for the day. Similarly, you may select the Tax Deductible checkbox to indicate all checks for the day should be marked as tax deductible. If not all checks belong to the same fund or are not all tax deductible, you can update each row line by line to ensure the details are all accurate.



Finally, since we know most checks are dropped in the offering basket on Sunday, we have defaulted the received date to the most recent past Sunday. However, if this date is different on the check, you can update it by clicking inside the date field and selecting a new date. The processed date is the date in which the check was run through the SmartPay system. Additionally, when the check is settled it will show a “Settled Date” on the transaction report.


Once mapped, you may now view the checks on the Transaction report. Checks are displayed on the transaction report based on the date listed on the check, this is the transaction date. The transaction report will only show the checks that have been successfully submitted to be processed. For any status outside of that, you can use the Jack Henry SmartPay reports to both view and troubleshoot checks in other statuses. Prior to mapping the checks, they will be displayed on the transaction report with Unmapped Check and Unmapped Fund. When clicked, you'll be redirected to the Check Scanning Report to complete mapping.




Editing Check Mapping:

Once a check is visible in your Giving Manger Portal, most of the details cannot be edited. Because the check was submitted and processed by Jack Henry, any changes would have to occur before the process was complete. However, the fund that the check is associated to can be edited from the transaction tab. Click the tri-dot option and select Edit Fund to update the fund of the check.

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Once the checks have cleared processing, they will be deposited into the bank account you provided during the onboarding process. Funding will only occur approximately 2-3 days after the checks have been scanned into the SmartPay portal in a closed deposit. You'll be able to view your deposit batches by selecting your Primary Check Scan Account from the dropdown menu.

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Regardless of whether you are using Net or Gross billing, the fees assessed for Automated Check Deposit will appear on your monthly invoice with billing in arrears. For example, you will receive an invoice at the first of the month in March that details the fees for checks scanned and processed in February. The details will be visible on your invoice.



There are several potential fees you may come across. See that list here.



Other Considerations

If you do not process a transaction in a 12-month period, your merchant account may be disabled and you won’t be able to process transactions.


Please reach out to Support via the chat feature if you would like to:

  1. Change the bank account that receives your funds. This process usually takes a few days to complete.
  2. Process checks beyond any one of your velocity limits.

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