Site Overview

The Site area of your Website module will display the Account page, where you can control some general settings. 

Within the Amplify Website dashboard, go to Admin > Site. There are several fields that display but only the following will apply:

Website Settings

  • Site Name: This will match your Amplify account title and is for internal use only

Contact & Location

These fields are required to use the Prayer Cloud feature. 

  • Email address
  • Address: Adding address info will add a location within the Locations module.
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Time Zone: Needs to be set for Events.

More Information

  • Default Bible Translation: this sets the default version for your sermons

Cloud Network

  • Sermons Subdomain and Sermon Cloud: this feature uses the sermons module to make your sermons available at a standalone subdomain, so it won't have the same styling, navigation, etc. as your website. Your subdomain field will be automatically populated, and Sermon Cloud will be enabled by default. The subdomain will be located at Your content will exist in multiple places at once, referencing back to your site which is great for SEO.
  • Bible Cloud: this is enabled for your site and provides a standalone Bible reader. Bible passages linked in your Amplify Website Sermon elements (Cloud) or widgets (WordPress) will automatically link to your Bible Cloud. This is managed under Settings > Bible Cloud Settings

More Menu

At the top right of the account page, you'll find the More Menu option with some advanced features. Not all options apply but feel free to check out the items listed below: 

site more menu.png


This link directs back to the site account page.

Tracking Codes

This area is used to add your Google Analytics tracking code.

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Internet Presence

This option allows you to link your Facebook Page, Instagram business account, and Vimeo account. These are used for social sharing as well as syncing Vimeo videos to the Amplify Website Media Module.

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Similar to Vimeo, your YouTube account can be connected on this screen, in order to sync videos to the Amplify Website Media Module.

In addition, event and groups integration with your Amplify People module can be setup here.

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With this tool, you can do a one-time import of events, articles or sermons.

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