Bible Cloud Settings

Amplify Website and Amplify Streaming modules come equipped with Bible Cloud, a Bible reader we've created in partnership with the American Bible Society.

Bring the Bible to your church like never before. 

  • Customize your church's online Bible experience
  • Bring your church together around the Bible with Prayer Cloud
  • Embed your chosen third-party Chat to build engagement
  • Use our domain, your domain, or get your custom .bible domain
  • Search the scriptures with ease to get deeper into the Word
  • The responsive design works great on any screen

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Enable Bible Cloud

  1. From the Amplify Website dashboard, navigate to Settings > Bible Cloud Settings
  2. Click Enable Bible Cloud

    enable bible cloud.png

Appearance Settings

Use these settings to adjust your church's Bible Reader to suit your needs.

Page & Navigation

Configure your Bible reader url and website navigation

bible cloud pages and nav.png

Bible Reader Page

You have three Bible Reader domain options.

  • Your Amplify Website comes with a Doman pre-selected. The URL is generated automatically with your Site Name.   
  • Get a .bible Domain - Click the blue Get a .bible Domain button to purchase.
  • Use a Custom Domain - Select this option if you have a domain or subdomain in your control where you want to access your Bible Cloud reader. 

    Note: Once this option is selected, you'll see DNS information for your A records.

Navigation Link List

These links will appear at the top of your Bible Cloud Reader page. Create helpful links to content on your Website (ie: Sermons, About Us, or I'm New). 

Add a new link list

  1. Click the Navigation Link List dropdown
  2. Click Add Link List to create a new list.  
  3. A new window will open with Link List Details. Add a Name and click Save.
  4. The first list item is ready to edit. Add a name and link. Click Save.

    Pro-Tip: If you are using an Amplify Cloud or WordPress site, you'll need to select the upload a new image link and paste your appropriate links. The View All option only applies to Custom Amplify Websites.

  5. Repeat the process for each link you want to add and Save.
  6. Then return to your previous browser tab to select your new Link List from the list.

Use a previously made Link List

  1. Click the Navigation Link List dropdown
  2. Select your chosen Link List from the list.

Look & Feel

Style your Bible Cloud Reader.

bible cloud look and feel.png


  • Header Color: The header and footer background color.
  • Accent Color: The color used for your sidebar accents.
  • Link Color: The color of links in your header and footer. 


  • Logo: Your Bible Cloud Reader page logo (can be different from your website logo).

Social Sharing

  • Social Sharing Image: Add an image that will appear when anyone shares your Bible Cloud Reader.
  • Social Share Description: Add content that will appear when anyone shares your Bible Cloud Reader.

Bible Reader Description

Share an introduction to your Bible visitors.

bible cloud description.png


Set up your way to connect to your audience. 

bible cloud content.png

  • Default Tab Options: Choose which sidebar tab will appear open when visitors first arrive on the Bible Cloud Reader page.
  • Chat Embed: If using a third-party chat tool, paste the embed code here.


Set up your default prayer settings.

bible cloud prayer.png

  • Enable Prayer: Turn on the PrayerCloud functionality
  • Allow Acknowledgments: Allow users to click I prayed for this and show how many times a prayer was prayed.
  • Prayer Introduction Text: Add some text that will appear before the Prayer Cloud forms.



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