Sermon Series, Categories and Preachers

The series, categories, and speaker information for your sermons can help to build your sermon library, as well as assist users when looking for specific sermons.

To manage these details, go to Content > Sermons within your Amplify Website dashboard.

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Under the Series tab, the default list will display your existing series, the number of sermons in each one, the date range, and the option to select one series as the "current series". 

To add a new sermon series, select the "Add New Series" button at the top right.

  • Name - Give your series a Name (This is the only required field).
  • Keywords - Feel free to add keywords related to the sermon series.
  • Summary - You can enter a description of your series. This information is useful to help search engines find your content. 
  • Image - You can upload a graphic related to your series.

Click the Save button when you are finished adding all of the series details.


Categories are a great way to organize your sermons and help link your sermons together in relevant ways. The sermon layout widget includes a filter bar so users can filter your sermon archive by a specific category.

Under the Categories tab, all existing categories will display and you can select the "Add New Category" button to create a new one. A parent category dropdown allows you to nest categories to create sub-categories. This can be used to create separate category lists for ministries, campuses, etc.


This tab is used to manage your sermon speakers. The default list will display your existing preacher names, the number of sermons assigned, and if the preacher is linked to a member account. 

To create a new preacher, click the "Add New Preacher" button at the top right.

  • Fill in the preacher's first and last name (Both of these fields are required).
  • Feel free to add any additional information about the preacher that you would like to in the additional info text area.
  • If the preacher also has a member account in the People module, you can link them in the dropdown next to the "link to user" field.

Click the Done button when you are finished adding all of the preacher details.


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