View and Manage Amplify Billing

Follow the steps below to view Amplify Invoices or update your Payment Method.


Access the Billing History Page

On the Amplify Dashboard, click Manage, then on the Manage Organization screen, in the left sidebar, click Invoices.



On the Invoices screen, click the Request an Invoice link. 




You'll be taken to a page where you can view billing history, view and print specific invoices, or update Payment Information. 




Update Your Payment Method

Under Billing Settings, click Add or Update next to the Payment Method type you'd like to use (bank account or credit card). A lightbox will appear where you can add a payment method or update your existing payment information.



Note: We suggest keeping just one payment method on file. This ensures that it remains your default payment method.


View Invoice Details

On the Billing History Screen, at the right of each invoice, click on the View Invoice text link. The invoice will display further details and allow you to print it if needed.






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