Creating Events

Events are where details can be centralized and easily accessed by multiple people. For example, Sunday morning services have multiple elements (i.e. worship set, message, offering, etc) set up in an order of service. Creating an event will keep everyone on the same page for what is happening and when it is happening. Let's take a look at creating events.


Create New Event(s)

1. Click on Events located on the menu bar to the left of the page. 


2. Click on Create New Event(s)

Create New Event(s).png

3. Choose how many events you would like to create, the date of the first event, time, location if applicable, Series Title, Bible Passage, Event Template if you've already created one, and any linked events you may need. 


4. Once you have entered all of your details, click on Create Events button located in the top right corner. 


5. You'll be taken to a page letting you know the event(s) has been successfully created and giving you a few options. You can choose to schedule peopleplan event flow, or go back to your dashboard



Linked Event(s)

Linked events will inherit the event flow from the master event. For example, if you are using the event for a Sunday morning service and you have multiple service times, you can create linked events for those other times rather than create a new event for each new time. 

1. First, follow steps 1-3 in the section above. 

2. Click on Add a linked event


3. You can set the event to be on the same day or up to 4 days before or after the initial event, set the time, and location if applicable. 


4. Once you have finished listing your additional service time(s), click on Create Events button located in the top right corner. 




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