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Using forms on your website makes it effortless for visitors to reach out, express interest in specific ministries, and register for events, streamlining their engagement with your community. Using our FMS Forms Element means that your Amplify Giving, People, and Website modules can all use the same forms. 

Using an Amplify WordPress Website?
Check out our WordPress article: WordPress FMS Forms Widget

Cloud FMS Form Element

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This element allows you to add any of your Amplify FMS Forms directly onto your website. 

Add the FMS Form Element to a Page

  1. From your Amplify Website Cloud Dashboard, navigate to the Page you want to edit and click the edit icon  cloud edit page icon.png
  2. Click the Add Element icon cloud add element icon.png and search FMS Form from the list.
  3. Drag the FMS Form Element to the canvas.


Style Your FMS Form 

To ensure your website's forms have a seamless, professional, and trustworthy appearance, update the basic styling to match your site's design. When using an Amplify Cloud Website, you can create and style all FMS forms directly within the Amplify Websites module.

  1. From your Amplify Website dashboard, navigate to Communications > FMS Forms.
  2. Click the title of the form you want to style.
  3. Click the Theme Menu, select a theme, and click Done.

    cloud fms styling.png

    Note: The first theme option "None" is a neutral style (black and gray) that will look good on any site. We recommend you update the button color to match your site's style using the Advanced Theme option (see below).

Advanced Theme

Once you've chosen a theme, you can adjust the fonts and colors to personalize individual forms (via Form Properties > Advanced Theme).

  1. From your Amplify Websites dashboard, navigate to Communications > FMS Forms.
  2. Click the title of the form you want to style.
  3. Click Form Properties and Advanced Theme
  4. From here you can update fonts and colors throughout the form. When your editing is complete, click Done.

    websites fms advanced theme.png

Common Use Case

  • Contact Us: Add a Contact form to your Children's page so families can reach out with questions for the Children's Ministry team.
  • Give Online: If you're using Amplify Giving, you can add your Giving form directly to your Give page.
  • Event Registration: Add your VBS registration form directly to the event's page.

Ready to Get Started?
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