WordPress Prayer Cloud Widget

Turn your website into a supportive place for your church. Add a prayer request form so people can pray for each other, building a strong community. With Prayer Cloud, your site becomes a space where prayers are shared and answered, impacting your ministry and your members' lives!

Set up Prayer Cloud

Before you start using the Prayer Cloud Element, you'll need to set up your Prayer Cloud within the Amplify Website module.

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Using an Amplify Cloud Website?
Prayer Cloud Element is not available at this time. 

WordPress Prayer Cloud Widget

wp prayer cloud.png

This widget lets you put a styled prayer form directly on your website. Your team leader can handle which prayer requests appear on the website and ensure they're sent to your prayer team.

Add the Prayer Cloud Widget to a Page

  1. From your Amplify Website WordPress Dashboard, navigate to the Page you want to edit and click Edit with Elementor.
  2. Click the Element Panel and search Payer from the list.
  3. Drag the Prayer Cloud Widget to the canvas.


Style Your Prayer Cloud Widget 

Updating the basic styling to match your site will give a seamless, professional, and trusted look to the prayer requests on your website. There are two ways to style your Prayer Cloud Widget. Do not try and add styling in both places, we recommend using option 1.

Style Option 1: Style the Widget (Recommended)

  1. Once you've added the Prayer Cloud Widget to one of your Amplify WordPress Pages, click the blue pencil icon to edit wp edit widget.png.
  2. Click the Content Tab
  3. Update the fonts and colors to match your site styles. 

    wp prayer cloud style widget.png

    Note: Use the Globe icon to choose from your Global fonts and colors. This way, if you ever change your global styles later, your Prayer Cloud will update to match.

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Style Option 2: Customize from Plugin Settings

  1. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Prayers > Settings > Customize >  Design.
  2. From here you can update colors throughout the form. When your editing is complete, click Save.

    wp prayer plugin settings.png

Common Use Case

  • Prayer Page: Add the Prayer Cloud Widget to your Prayer page to allow site visitors to request prayer and pray for others.
  • I Need Prayer Call to Action: Make the call to prayer front and center on your church site. Add a call to action in your site header or footer that directs users to your prayer page with the Prayer Cloud Widget. 

Submitting Prayers

As a Site Visitor

Your visitors can click the Create Prayer Request button on your prayer widget and fill out the form that appears to submit their prayers.

wp submit a prayer.gif


As a Site Administrator

If you wish to enter prayers on behalf of an individual follow these instructions:

  1. From your Amplify WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Prayers > Add Prayer
  2. Fill out the Add Prayer form and click Add Prayer

    wp admin add prayer.png

  3. Once a prayer has been approved (see below), it will display on the Page where you've added the Prayer Cloud Widget.

Managing Prayers

All submitted prayers are located and stored within the Prayers area of your WordPress Dashboard.



Here, you can view all submitted prayers, their Status, their Creation Date, and how many times they've been Prayed For.



  1. To view the details of your prayers, simply click on the prayer's title.
  2. Click on a prayer's yellow or green approval status button to easily alter its status from Unapproved to Approved and vice-versa.
  3. Click on the icon to delete any unwanted prayers

Prayer Cloud Settings

You can manage your ministry's Prayer Cloud settings by navigating to the WordPress Dashboard, hovering over Prayers, and clicking on Settings.



Your Ministry

  1. Church Name: This name will be displayed in Prayer Request notification emails
  2. Zip Code: Used for time zones


  1. You can toggle which Amplify Website Administrators will receive notifications when prayers are submitted
  2. Once added your new teammates can log into Amplify and act as administrators in your Amplify Websites account.  

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  1. From the Design tab, you can customize your Prayer Cloud Widget's colors, but we recommend using the styling controls from the Prayer Cloud Widget for more control and options.
    Learn how here: Style Option 1: Style the Widget (Recommended)
  2. Click the Prayer Settings tab to control the number of prayers displayed per page on your Prayer Cloud Widget, hide/show the "Create prayer request" button on your Prayer Cloud Widget, or toggle Allow Sharing feature to show/hide the Share dropdown on each prayer request.



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