Mobile App: Enable and Use Interactions

Interactions are a feature of Amplify People (ChMS), seamlessly integrated as a module within our Mobile App. 

Primarily designed for staff and volunteers, Interactions allows you to easily log connections with your community (emails, calls, visits, etc.) and assign or respond to ministry tasks, ensuring no one falls through the cracks! Learn more about Interactions.




Enable Interactions in your Mobile App

Note: Interaction set-up and permissions are managed in our integrated ChMS. To use this tool within your mobile app, you must integrate your App with your ChMS.

In the left sidebar, expand Modules and select Enable Modules.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and under Enable People Features, toggle on the Interactions Slider.




By default, Interactions will appear in the last position in your App menu.

To change the menu order or to change the Interactions icon, in the sidebar, click on Design > Menu. 

  • Use the double-arrow icon to drag and drop the Interactions menu item to a new position.
  • Click on the Two-person icon to use a different icon.
  • Click on the Pencil Icon if you'd like to change "Interactions" to something different.




Don't forget to click Publish to take your changes live!


How to Use Interactions on Your Mobile App

Note: For the Interactions to display in your mobile app, a user must have appropriate permissions within your ChMS and be logged into the mobile app itself. 

For example, in the permission set below, a user would have the ability to view their own interactions as well as log any type of interaction.



View and Complete Assigned Interactions

When you tap on the Interactions menu item, users can view Interactions Assigned to Me or Assigned to Others (depending on permissions). Tap an interaction to view its details. On the Interaction Details screen, tap on an individual to view their contact information if needed.




Note: to view an individual's information, a user must have the View Individuals permission enabled in ChMS. Learn more about Permissions

Completing an Interaction

On the Interaction Details screen, fill out the required fields, toggle on the Mark as complete slider, and simply tap Save




Assign and Log Interactions

To assign or log an interaction, Click on the + Interaction button. At the bottom of the screen, you can select whether to Assign or Log an Interaction. 

Fill out the required fields then click Log Interaction or Save

If an assigned interaction, it will immediately be available to whomever it is assigned to.




Note: If a user has permission to just Assign or Log interactions (one or the other), when they click the + Interaction button, they'll immediately be taken to either the Assign Interaction or Log Interaction Screen.


Past Due Interactions

If an interaction has not been completed by the assigned due date, it will display an exclamation point icon on the Interactions screen and Past Due on the Interaction Details screen.






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