Within your Amplify Website dashboard, go to Settings > Locations.

The Locations area is used for the "Locations" field in your events and small groups. The initial view will display a list of all locations, and you can select the "Add a New Location" to create a new one. 

The following fields are used: 

  • Name: This will identify the address when selecting from other modules.
  • Street: The street address of the location
  • Country: The country must be selected before the city is available.
  • Zip: If United States is the country, enter the zip code and then choose from the available cities.
  • City: If outside the United States, select the name of the city from the list.
  • Postal Code: If outside the United States, enter the Postal Code.
  • New Cities: If your city is not found for the country or zip code, click the link to add a new city and enter the city name. If the city can be found by Google Maps, the new city and/or zip code will be added. If not a warning message will be given. Contact support if you believe there is an error.


The Rooms tab controls the "Rooms" field in your events and small group records. This area will display a list of all rooms added, and you can use the "Add New Room" button to create a new one.



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