Managing Communication Settings - Text Message/SMS

There are two ways SMS text notifications can be configured for users.

Helpers/Planners Configure For Self

Service Planning allows users to add SMS Text numbers and secondary email addresses to their account for the purposes of receiving notifications sent. To do so:

  1. Login into Service Planning and click your name My Profile in the upper right area of the page
  2. Click the Communication Settings tab
  3. Click "Add a method of communication" and fill in the form with the appropriate information.

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You may receive a confirmation message that contains a 4-5 digit code.  Once that code is entered back into Service Planning, you will be able to start receiving notifications via that channel.  Be sure to use the checkboxes to specify which types of notifications you'd like sent to that new channel.  It is important to note that ALL types of notifications will ALWAYS be sent to the primary email address.

If you wish to stop communications via any of your secondary channels, it's recommended that you simply return to this "Communication Settings" page and adjust the checkboxes or remove the secondary channels completely.  However, you can also stop all text from WP by replying to a WP text message with the single word STOP.  This will prevent text messages from WP to your number, regardless of your communication settings.  If you have done this, the only way to re-enable text messaging from WP is to reply to any WP text message with the word START.


Planners Configure For Others

If you are a planner with security privileges that allow you to manage users, you can enable text notifications for users you can manage.  Here's how:

  1. Log in to Service Planning and navigate to "People" menu
  2. Click the "edit" icon for the person to whom you'd like to add the text notifications
  3. Find the phone number (or add it if it's not already there) and clicked the checkbox to the right of the field (next to the small mobile phone icon).
  4. Screenshot 2024-05-07 at 1.05.06 PM.png
  5. You'll be prompted to select the country for that person's mobile number.
  6. ***You may see the "Please Note" banner on this user's profile and that means that their information is being pulled in via the ChMS integration and their phone number will need to be updated within the ChMS system. Once updated and synced back into SP, you can follow the steps above to ensure text messaging is enabled.***

Once done with these steps, notifications will be turned on for that person (for that number).  No verification code will be sent, nor will the person get any kind of message that their number has been configured to receive text notifications.  However, if the person wishes to stop notifications, they can do so in their SP account, or they can simply reply to a SP text with "STOP".


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