Organizing People into Teams

While not required, churches should consider organizing people into teams in Service Planning. The Teams Management page is found on the People navigation link, then clicking the Teams menu option. All Planners can view all teams. But to change the team details and list of members, the Planner must have at least a security level 2 or be a leader for the team.

People can be placed on multiple teams, and any Planner can be made a Team Leader (regardless of security level).

Team leaders can create specific “roles” for their team. For example, the technical director leading the Tech team might create the team roles “Soundboard”, “Lighting”, and “Computer”. When assigning his team members to a service, these team roles would be easily accessible on the people scheduling page.

The team can also be configured such that when team members respond to a role assignment, the team leaders are notified via email. This is a separate, yet similar, notification that is configured in the service details.

Team leaders can upload files they'd like to share with their team. For example, a parking team leader may wish to share parking lot maps used to designate where the various parking attendant positions are.



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