User Accounts Overview

Every church using Service Planning can have user accounts for their team leaders and members to use to log in. Each person is given their own unique login credentials, since Service Planner does not permit login accounts to be shared by multiple people.

There are two types of login accounts in Service Planning: Planners and Helpers. Planners are typically team leaders and those responsible for helping plan the details of the worship service. Helpers are typically the volunteers that help with the worship service but aren't really involved with scheduling and planning.

Churches have a limited number of Planner accounts that can be created, depending on their subscription plan. Each Planner account has a "security level" of 0, 1, 2, or 3. Security level 0 has only “view” access and cannot add or change anything in the church's account. Level 3 can add, change, and delete anything in their church's account. 

Helpers can view most details of services for which they are scheduled to serve, including service flow, song details, and file downloads. They can also respond to service assignments, indicate their serving preference and availability, change their contact information, and view contact information of other Helpers. If discussion threads have been set up, they can also access those threads. WP does not limit the number of Helper accounts each church can create.


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