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The Service Planning Message Board allows you to create multiple discussion "threads" for your teams (Planners and Helpers). Access to each thread can be configured to allow specific people to read, others to read and post, and others to not have access to it at all.  Users with read access can subscribe to a discussion, which means they will be notified via email (and possibly text message - if configured) when a message is posted to that discussion.

**NOTE: Your account's default is to not have the "Advanced Message Board" features described below. To change that go to the Settings icon (wheel) in the upper right, select Account Settings and then Edit. Once you've got into the editing area, you can toggle the "Advanced Message Board" On and set the minimum security level you'd like.**

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 2.27.29 PM.png

Begin by clicking on the Message Board navigation link under the Messages tab once you've logged in.  Next, click the Create Discussion link (top right).  Fill in the form and click the Save Discussion button.  


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To post your first message to the discussion, click on the discussion title, and post a message.


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