Emailing the Event Flow

The primary method of communicating service details is for your Helpers and Planners to log in to Service Planning and view them. In some cases, worship leaders may wish to have the worship service plans emailed to Planners, Helpers, or even non-SP users. To accommodate this need, Service Planning has a feature where Planners can send an email from within the site to anyone with an email address. The message that is sent doesn't actually contain the service details within the message body. Rather, the email contains a hyperlink that points the recipient to a webpage showing a simplified version of the service flow. This page does not require the recipient to log in.


To access the Email Event Flow page:

    1. Go to the Event Flow page of the desired service of which you wish to remind people
    2. Click the Envelope icon in the upper right near the side bar area
    3. Type-in and/or select email addresses, and enter the appropriate email subject and message, and click the blue Send Message button in the upper right corner.

Churches use this feature for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Informing special guests, substitutes, or other non-regulars of the worship service plans
    • Reminding Helpers and Planners of what the worship service plans are


Keep in mind, each team in Service Planning can be configured to automatically send email reminders to team members scheduled to serve. 


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