Multiple Locations

Often churches will have services in different locations, be-them on the same campus in different buildings, or in completely different parts of the city, state, or country. To help distinguish services in different locations, Service Planning provides a "Location" field as part of the Service details. In this field, you have the option to select a previously entered location, or type in the name of a new location.


Managing Your Locations

Your locations can be managed from the wheel/cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen and as you hover over you will see a "Locations" option. You can click "Add a Location" to add a new location or click the icon options to the right of the name to change various group areas. Changing the name of a location on this page will also update the location name for all services set to that location.  You must be security level 3 (account admin) to add, edit, or delete locations on the Manage Locations page. If you delete a location, it will clear out the location field for any services set to that location. You will be presented with a list of services set to that location on the "delete confirmation" window before it is deleted for good. 

Setting Teams to Locations

In Service Planning you have the ability to associated teams with one or more locations.  Doing so makes it easier to organize and schedule across multi-venues.  To set the location(s) for a team, go to People> Teams> Select desired team> Settings tab, and adjust the "location" setting.  In this setting, you can only select locations that have been already defined as a location (i.e. for a service). 


Schedule People By Location

The Teams page (People> Teams) has a "Location" filter setting that can be set to one or more locations.  When a location is specified for the filter, only services and teams set to that location will show on the scheduling page.  Furthermore, if your "display options" is set to show a team that is not set to one of the locations showing in the location filter, that location will be added to the location filter in efforts to honor your specific display options.

If none of your teams are set to a location, then all teams will be available to view on the people schedule page, regardless of the location filter setting (of course, it is still dependent on your display options).  We do this because some churches use the location field for locations within a single campus, but the teams don't need a location reference.


Other Pages with Location Settings

The My Scheduled page, All Events page, and Team Listing page also have location filters.  When you set the location filter on any of theses pages, that filter setting is remembered for your personal account, until you make a change to filter settings (on any of those pages).


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