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Service Planning allows you to print the service flow and a listing of service roles, assignments, and responses. To access the various print options, click on the third icon from the left in the upper right of the event flow template.

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The resulting page gives you several print out options:


    • Standard - Traditional printout that allows the greatest flexibility in formatting your printout with the use of the "Format" window. You can also export this page to MS Word or Excel.
    • Flow and Assignments - Tighter worship flow display with team assignments below. General service information and service notes appear in lower left corner.
    • Clean - Simply layout with the ability to easily show/hide columns using the "Toggle Columns" bar. Extra Notes appears as individual columns
    • Clean (columns) - Clean printout with column dividers
    • Clean (rows) - Clean printout with rows dividers
    • Roles - List of people scheduled to serve at this service, and their assignment responses.
    • Sign-in Sheet (confirmed assignments)- Lists by team, people scheduled to serve, along with a blank line for them to sign-in upon arrival
    • Sign-in Sheet (all assignments) - Similar to the Sign-in Sheet, except that penciled in and empty roles are displayed as well.
    • Set List - Just a list of songs performed during this service


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