Each service created in Service Planning can have one or more rehearsals scheduled to go with it. To add a rehearsal for a service:

1. Go to Events and click on the service for which you'd like to schedule a rehearsal.
2. Click on the Rehearsal tab.
3. Click the "+ Add a Rehearsal" link.
4. Select a Date and Start Time, and optionally, an end time, location, and notes.
5. If you wish to notify people of this rehearsal via email, click the "Send an email with this information to people scheduled for this service" checkbox and select the people to be notified.
6. Customize the email subject and message body
7. Click the Done button


Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 10.16.02 PM.png


Multiple rehearsals can be scheduled for a service. Helpers and Planners have access to rehearsal information on the MySP pages, if they are scheduled to serve at that service.


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