Sharing your Event Flow Publicly

General details about your worship flow can be shared to anyone on the Internet using the three dot "Other Options" in the upper right at the top of the Event Flow. Hover over the three dots and click "Share this flow link."

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Once the pop-up box appears, simply click the blue "Enable Sharing" button, or the red "Disable Sharing" button if the event flow is already being shared.

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When "Enabled Sharing" is clicked, a short and unique website address is created that links to a publicly accessible view of the worship flow, with limited details about each worship flow element.  To see this view, click on the new link that is created (it will open an new browser window).  Remember, this shared page can be accessed by anyone on the Internet, without having to log in to SP.  But we leave the actually publicizing of the web address up to you.

To help you tell others about the public worship flow page, we provide links to several popular social media sites on the page where sharing is enabled.  You have to have an account to share with these links.

At any point, you can "unshare" the worship flow by re-following the steps above and clicking the "Disable Sharing" button.


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