Adding SongSelect Songs Directly to the Event Flow

The integration of SongSelect into Service Planning is virtually seamless in that you can search the SongSelect library and drag a search result (with any available chord sheets) into your flow, without ever leaving the worship flow page.  Here's how:

  1. If you haven't integrated your SongSelect account with Service Planning, or if you would like a walkthrough of the SongSelect integration into Service Planning, check out this article.
  2. Navigate to the Event Flow that you wish to add songs from SongSelect.
  3. Ensure the Song panel is open on the left side of the worship flow page.
  4. Select the cloud with arrow icon in the Libraries panel.
  5. Type the song name or keyword you'd like to search on and click "search in SongSelect".  After a few seconds, you'll see matching results from SongSelect's library of music. 
    1. To the right of each song title, you may see "lyrics" or "chord sheet" icons (you can hover over each icon to see which is which).  If there are no icons, it means CCLI does not have these in their library.
  6. Find the desired song you like to add to the worship flow.  To see more information about each song, click the song title.
  7. Click on the desire song and drag it to your event flow, dropping it at the desired place.



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