Self Sign-up

The Self Sign-up feature allows team members view available roles on their team and "sign-up" for them on their own. 

Enable it for Your Team

First, you must make sure it is turned on for your team (you must be the team leader or an account admin to do this). Navigate to People> Teams> Select Teams> Click on pencil icon to the right of the Team name> Settings tab. Once there you will see an "Edit these Settings" button in the bottom right corner. Once you click that button, you will see an option to toggle "on" the "Allow Self Sign-up" option to "Yes"- click that radio button and then "Save" in the top right.


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Update Your Team and People

For someone to sign up for an available role, they must:

  1. be a member of your team
  2. have the role as a skill

To make someone a member of your team, go to People> Teams> click on a specific Team and then click "Edit Members, Leaders, and Roles" and drag people from the "All Users" panel on the left to the "Non-leaders" panel.  Members are not required to have a primary role, so you don't have to set that for each person.

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Now you'll need to make sure each person has the right skills defined.  To do so, simply drag and drop from the "Team Roles" section to the "Team Member" you are wanting to assign the role to. Once you have completed assigning roles, click "Done" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 10.21.28 AM.png


Make Roles Available for Sign-up

This is the easy part.  Just schedule roles for services on your team, to do this you will click into a specific event> go to the "Assignments" tab and then click "Edit Assignments" on the right side of the screen..  Any roles scheduled that don't have anyone assigned, or are "Declined" by someone, will be available for self sign-up.  In the image below, every role listed is available for someone to sign themselves up, if they had a matching skill.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 10.24.54 AM.png



When Someone Signs Up

When one of your team members sign up for a role at a service, you'll see a next to their name, just like if you had schedule them and they accepted.  You will get a notification at the time they sign up if either of the two conditions are true:

  • They enter an optional note when they sign-up
  • You have Assignment Response notifications turned on for "Accept" for your team (check the Team Settings area to configure this)


How Your Team Members Sign Up

To see your team members can find and sign-up for roles, check out our support document (which is accessible by your team members).




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