Signing Yourself Up For an Event/Service

If your team leader has enabled the "self sign-up" option for your team, you do not have to wait to be schedule for an event.  Instead, you can access and sign yourself up for an available role.  Before you give this a try, keep these things in mind:

  1. Your team must have this feature turned on for your team.  If it's not turned on for any of your teams, you won't even see the "Sign-Up" link on your home page.
  2. You can only sign up for a role that matches a skill you have. Team leaders and admins can associate skills with your profile, but you can see your own skill by looking at your own profile (use the "Account" link in the upper right corner of the screen) and click on the "My Skills" tab).  If you don't have that skill, you won't even see that role as something you can sign up for.
  3. You can only sign up for roles that are "available".  By "available", we mean that no one else is scheduled for that role.

To access the "Sign-up" page, log in to your account and navigate to your My Account page.  For most volunteers, this will be the page you land on once you log in.  For Planner accounts, use the round icon in the upper right corner with your initials and navigate to the "My Account" page.  Once on this page find the "Sign Up" link and click it.  Remember, you will not see this option if you are not on a team that has "self sign-ups" enabled.

One clicked, a listing of available roles that match your skills will show grouped by team, then by service.  Find the role you'd like to sign up for, then click the button to "Sign-up and Accept".

You will be prompted to enter an optional note, and confirm your desire to sign-up.  Keep in mind that the system will let you sign up for roles even if you are already scheduled for another role during that time, and also even if you have it blocked in your calendar.

Once you are signed up, it will show up in your My Schedule area as "Accepted", and you're all set. If you desire to "un-signup" for a role, you will need to click on it in your My Schedule area, the choose to "Decline".




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