Event Flow Dividers

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Dividers are often useful for grouping parts of the worship together.  Worship planners can create customized dividers, selecting the desired text and background color. 

To create a divider, open the "Element Types" panel in the event flow (on the right side panel) and click the "Add new element type / flow divider" button.  Select the "Flow Divider" option and enter the divider name.  Change the background color by clicking the "Color" and choosing from the color wheel pop-out.  Click the Save button when done.

Once a dividers are created in the "Element Type" panel on the left side of the event flow, they can be dragged into the worship flow just like an element.  After they are placed in the event flow, they can be moved around in the same way that elements are moved around.  Dividers act as independent elements, and moving a divider around will not result in each of its "child" elements to move with it.

Divider colors can be changed by clicking the down arrow next to the divider in the Elements area of the screen and then clicking the pencil icon. You can change color and then click "Save."

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If you delete a divider from the left-hand "Element Types" panel, that divider WILL NOT be removed from any worship flow that used the deleted divider.  However, it will no longer be a divider that you can drag into a service.

Divider text and colors will appear any place the worship flow is displayed, including printouts, and publicly shared worship flows (for Helpers to see).


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