Song Arrangements

Each song in your Service Planning library can have various "arrangements" defined.  By creating different arrangements, you can specify details to be different from that of the original song, while still keeping some of the details of the "master" song.  For each arrangement, the following fields can be modified to be different from the other arrangements of the song:

  • Arrangement name
  • Artist or Arranged By
  • Key(s)
  • Tempo
  • Meter
  • Duration
  • Capo
  • Hymn Number
  • Life-cycle stage
  • Associated files
  • Web links
  • Songbook membership
  • Lyrics/chords/leadsheet
  • Song Mapping
  • Notes

The master song and all arrangements (a.k.a the "arrangement family") share the following song information:

  • Song title
  • Song Author(s)
  • Copyright Date
  • Song label / Admin by
  • CCLI Number
  • Theme/Category


Creating an Arrangement

Start by editing a song, either on the Song Files page (Library> Song Files), or by viewing the song details then clicking the title of the song (if you have permission to do so).  You'll see a button in the upper right that says "Arrangements."

Click that icon to see the arrangements for the song. If you've not created any arrangements yet, click the blue "Create a New Arrangement" button. Give the arrangement a name and click the green checkmark to save. You will then be directed back to the "Edit Song" screen and will be able to see the arrangement listed.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.31.41 PM.png

When an arrangement is created, all the arrangement-specific information from the "Default Arrangement" is cloned to the new arrangement.  You can now make any changes to need to make this new arrangement unique.


Specifying Arrangements in the Worship Flow

When adding songs to your worship flow, the arrangement selection comes after you’ve added the song. Once the song is added, if you need to select an arrangement other than the default, click the arrangement icon next to the name song name. This is also how you can add a new arrangement on-the-fly, if you need.

Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.35.35 PM.png

The selected arrangement name will show in the worship flow directly under the song title. If the “default arrangement” is selected, no arrangement name will show.


Merging Songs into Arrangement Families

If you have separate songs that need to be grouped as an arrangement family, we’ve added a way to merge songs on the Songs Library page. Simply click the checkboxes next to the songs you wish to merge, then go to the actions menu option and select “merge songs”. You’ll be given further instructions at that point.


Screenshot 2024-05-15 at 9.42.16 PM.png





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