See Who is Viewing the Event Flow

Sometimes it is helpful to know how many times a worship flow has been viewed, and exactly who has viewed it (and when).  Event Flow View Tracking provides this information, which can be found in the upper right corner of the Event Flow page.

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The image above shows that this worship flow has been viewed 28 times by people NOT editing the worship flow.  If you are of access level  Editor or greater, you can click this icon to see a listing of the people that viewed the event flow, along with the number of times they've viewed the flow, and the most recent time they viewed.


Which Event Flow Pages Count Toward Views

Worship flows can be viewed in the following places, and views by people on any of these pages count toward the "view count":

  1. Event flow editor
  2. Publicly sharable worship flow page
  3. Mobile Web App


Views By "Event Flow Editors" are Not Counted

To keep from inflating the view count, the system will NOT count view by people that have edited two or more worship flow elements.  Our thought process is that if you edit two or more elements, you are probably doing more "editing" than viewing, and thus your views should not be counted.  That is also why your views don't appear in the list of viewers when you click on the count.


Get Notified When Someone Views The Flow

If you want to know immediately when someone has viewed the flow for the first time, you can enable those notifications to be sent via email, text, or both.  Check out our support article on Event Flow View Notifications.

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