Sending Assignment Notifications

Once you have all the people/teams and their roles scheduled for your service, you need to notify them of their assignment, and allow them to Accept, Decline, or Tentatively Accept. To do this, click on the blue button in the top right corner of the Schedule page—“Send Notifications”

From there you can select who will be getting the notifications and for what events, etc.

Send Notifications

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Notifications will be sent out to people that are both:

  • Scheduled in the team(s) checked and
  • Scheduled in the event(s) checked

All messages will include service and assignment details, as well as login info where the recipient can respond to the assignment.


On the Send Notifications screen, you will see that you can filter who you send notifications out to by the status (see the status key at the bottom of the people scheduling page), team, or service. Also, the system will save previously sent messages so that you can use the same message from week to week.

Once you send the notifications, you may see the status change on those people you notified. For example, those who were penciled in, will now show as “Response Pending”.



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