CCLI Rehearsal License Reporting

Service Planning allows you to easily generate reports on audio files that have been streamed or downloaded from your church's account.  To access this report, go to the left-hand side menu and navigate to Library> Files> and then click on the "View File Access Reports" button in the upper right-hand corner.

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The default Report Type is the "CCLI Rehearsal License", which will also default to the past week as your reporting range.  This report is arranged in a way that makes it easy to find the statistics CCLI is looking for.  File access numbers are grouped by song, and the CCLI number is displayed if that info is included in the song details in your library.
It is important to note that for this reporting to be accurate, the audio files must be associated with songs in your song library on Service Planning. If you simply attach an MP3 to a service (rather than a song), Service Planning has no way of knowing to which song it should be associated, and thus won't be reported.


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