Uploading Files

For all regular subscriptions (i.e. not in trial), Service Planning offers unlimited space for uploaded files. Files uploaded to Service Planning are accessible only by Planners accounts for your church and a limited number of your Helpers.  All files uploaded are accessible in the Library area once logged in. Files can be associated with various elements in your account, including events, songs, teams, and content library items.  Files can be uploaded directly on the Song Files page, or as you edit the details of the items to which the files need to be associated.  This prevents you from having to upload files on one page, then go to another page to attach the files (i.e. to a song).

Service Planning pays no attention to the types of files being uploaded (except for MP3s - see below). If you upload a file that requires special software to open, then your team members will only be able to open that file if they have the same special software.  Think of the upload feature as a network drive at your office or a flash drive.  Just because a teammate has access to the file doesn't mean they have the application needed to use the file.

MP3s are a special exception to the above paragraph.  If Service Planning detects that the file is an MP3, the person uploading the file will be given the option to configure the file as "Stream only", meaning it cannot be downloaded by Helpers.  Rather, it will be played in a media player on the Service Planning website.  MP3s can also be transposed using the MP3 transposer.


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