Key Transposing - Chords in Lyrics

Service Planning allows both Helpers and Planners to transpose the key of a song if the song is set up properly in the library.

Start by ensuring the song to be transposed has chords entered in the Lyrics section of the song details. Usually the chords will be spaced out above the lyrics. The chords must appear on their own individual lines in order for the transposer to work correctly.

Next, make sure the song has a proper Key specify in the song details. This should be the original key of the song, the key that matches the chords in the lyrics section.

To transpose the key, find the song in the event flow, or the Song Files Library list, or anywhere else the song title is "clickable", then click the song title. A menu should pop up to the right on the Lyrics page and give you a list of options - one of which should be "Transpose To". Click that option.

A Song Details window should now pop up. On the right side of the page, there should be a "Transpose to key:" field. Use this to transpose song to a new key.


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