Launch Your Site: Taking Your Website Live

There are two steps to take your website live at your domain name. First, you'll need to Publish your Website. Next, we'll provide you with two Domain Name Records to give to your Domain Name provider. Once your provider has set these up, your site will be live!


Publish your Website

  1. From the Amplify Website dashboard, navigate to the Manage Websites page, hover over the Tri-Dot icon on the far right, and click Site Settings


  2. On the Edit Site Settings page, click on the Publish button. In the lightbox that appears, enter your domain name, then click Publish.



  3. Next, you'll be provided with two Domain Name Records (outlined in red below). 

    Note: Your specific Domain Name Records will be different than what is shown in the example below.



Setup your Domain Name Records

  1. Copy or take a screenshot of the Domain Name Records we've provided you (above). You'll need to set these two separate records up with your Domain Name provider or have your provider do it for you. (Most providers give you access to manage your Domain Name Records via their website).
  2. If you don't have access or are not comfortable with making Domain changes, here's an example email or ticket you could send to your provider:

    "We would like to transition to a new website. We require two domain record changes. Please set up an "A Host Record" that points to this IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX. [Copy the IP address we've given you - example above]. Second, please set up a CNAME record that points to XXXXXXX." [Copy the URL we've given you - example above].

    Note: Once your provider changes your Domain Name Records, it can take as much as 48 hours for your new website to go live.

    This doesn't mean your site will be down, it simply means people 'may' still see your former site as the changes propagate around the web.

Search Engine Visibility

It's important to ensure your website appears in search results. You have the option to hide specific pages or even the entire site. This feature can be useful when editing, allowing you to keep your site hidden until it's ready to be published.

Once your site has launched, follow these instructions to ensure your site is visible in search engines.

    1. From your Amplify Cloud Website, click on the CMS icon on the left sidebar

      cloud cms menu icon.png

    2. Click on Project Settings
    3. Select the SEO tab
    4. Enable Search Engine Visibility at the bottom
    5. Click Save Changes 

      cloud Search Engine Visibility.png
    1. From your Amplify WordPress Website dashboard, click Settings
    2. Click on Reading
    3. Verify that the Search Engine Visibility checkbox is unchecked. Check the box to stop your site from showing up in Search Results.
    4. Click Save Changes 

      wp search engine visibility.png


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