Prayers Overview

The Prayer module allows you to manage prayer request submissions and email settings. If you're also using Amplify Streaming, Prayers are synced across both modules, and Prayers can also appear on your Live Streaming page and your BibleCloud page. 

Within your Amplify Website dashboard, this is located under Communications > Prayers.

Note: The Prayer Cloud widget must be added to a page on your website to display the prayer requests and form.

Cloud: Not available at this time.
WordPress: Adding a Prayer Cloud Widget

Getting Started

In order to use the Prayer tool, you will first need to add a location in your account settings.

  • From the Amplify Websites Dashboard, navigate to Admin > Site in the sidebar menu
  • Go to the section titled "Contact & Location" and fill in the location info. You will need a minimum of the zip code added in order for the prayer feature to work properly.

The next step is to create your Prayer Cloud account. 

  • Navigate to Communications > Prayers > Settings tab
  • Select the "Create a Prayer Cloud Account" button

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  • On the next screen, you will need to add an email address to notify of new prayer request submissions. The email address from your account settings will automatically be added, but you can remove the default one as well as add as many notification email addresses as you like.

Email Settings

You have the option to customize the emails that are sent with prayer form submission. If you wish to simply use the default, generic emails built into the system - you can skip this step.

Our Prayer module sends out three different types of emails: 

  • An email to the user on the website who submitted the prayer
  • An email to everyone on the "notify" list (mentioned above)
  • An email to the user who submitted a prayer when another user marks they prayed for the request (if they opted in to email updates)

To manage these emails, navigate to settings Communications > Prayers > Settings tab, and you will see the three email options:

  • Custom Email to Submitter of Prayer Request
  • Custom Email to Notify List
  • Custom Email for Acknowledgement of Prayer

For each custom email, you can set up the Subject, From Name, Reply-To address, and Body of the email. You will need to fill out all four fields for the customized email to override the default email.

Note: Using the Insert drop-down, you can insert items such as the Submitter's Name or Prayer Request dynamically into the Body of the email! This option is not available for the Subject, From Name, or Reply To fields.


Approving Prayer Requests

When a prayer is submitted via the form, it will be available for review in the Prayer module.

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In the list, you can select the check box for one or multiple prayer requests, click the "Edit Selected" button and then update that status to "Approved". You can also click into a prayer request to update the request details, add a category or change the status to "Approved".

Once a request is approved, it will display with your Prayer widget. Visitors can share a prayer request in the list as well as indicate if they have prayed the request.


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