Feeds Overview

The Feeds Module is where you can create and manage feeds for your Amplify Website ministry content: sermons, articles and event. The sermons and article feeds are created for you by default, and you can add more for specific campuses, ministries, etc.

Within your Amplify Website dashboard, this is area is located under Communications > Feeds.

Add a New Feed

Within the Feeds module, select the "Add New Feed" button at the top right. The following fields are available: 

  • Type: select the module to pull content from
  • Use Group, Series, Category or Preacher/Author: after a module is chosen, select any "Use" options you'd like such as "Use Category" or "Use Group". With these options, you will limit your feed to include only the Group, Series, Category or Preacher that you set here. Otherwise, all items will be included in the feed. Options shown will vary based on the module selected.
  • Medium: the default is to pull in all content
  • Podcast Category: choose a category that best describes your podcast.
  • Title: add a title for your feed
  • Number of Items in Feed: the default is 10, so you can increase this number or leave blank for unlimited.
  • Description: a full description of the content. Should be less than 4000 characters.
  • Logo: this sets the image for your feed

When you're done, click "Add Feed". After several minutes, the XML file feed will be available at the URL displayed in the feed list. With this link, users can manually subscribe to your content, or you can provide this URL to Apple or any other podcast service if creating a podcast.

Logo Image

Apple requires a high-quality square image to serve as the podcast artwork. Full specifications are:

  • Dimensions: 3000 x 3000 pixels
  • Format: JPG or PNG (The file must end in ".jpeg", ".jpg" or ".png").
  • Color: RGB color space. CMYK (for print) is not supported.




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