Manage Sites Overview

The Manage Sites area allows you to create and manage the different websites in your account. 

Within your Amplify Website dashboard, go to Websites > Manage Sites.

The website list will display the following info:

  • Site Name: title given to each website. Clicking on the site name will display the site settings (site name and domain).

    Note: Editing the Site Name will override the Site Title within your Amplify Cloud or WordPress website.

  • Website URL: when initially creating a new site, a staging URL will be auto-generated, and you can click this link to view the site while you're working on it. Once you launch the website, your domain will be displayed in this column.

    The website URL column will also indicate if it's a Brizy Cloud site or a WordPress Elementor site.

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  • Status: displays the date of the most recent update
  • Three Dot Menu - this menu on the far right column is where you can view the site settings and edit your website

Adding a New Website

  1. To create a new site, select the "Add New Websites" button at the top right.
  2. The next screen will ask which website platform you'd like to use: either Brizy Cloud ("I want easy") or WordPress Elementor.
  3. Once a platform is selected, the next screen will display the themes available for that platform. You can preview any theme by clicking the Preview button on the thumbnail images.
  4. To select a theme, click the Use This Template button. 

The next screen will ask you to provide a name for the website and then click Create Website.

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Editing Your Website

From the website list on the Manage Websites screen, you can use the Three Dot Menu in the right-hand column to edit your website. Clicking the "Edit Site" link will open the editor for the respective platform.

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Launching Your Website

Taking your website live requires some changes to the Site Settings area for the respective website, as well as updating the DNS for your domain.

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