Groups Overview

Groups can be used to organize your members and content by departments, ministries, campuses, etc.

Within the Amplify Websites dashboard, navigate to People > Groups.

The list will display any existing groups with the following info:

  • Name - title of the group
  • Access - if the group is public or private
  • Members - number of people in the group
  • Series - if a group is added to a series (ie: Staff), this info will display in the list

Add a Group

From the Amplify Websites dashboard, navigate to People > Groups.

To add a new group, select the Add New Group button at the top right. On the next screen, the fields to populate are:

  • Name - title of the group
  • Series - if the group should be added to a series (ie: Staff), select the series name in the dropdown.
  • Add Members - select members to be added to the group.

Pro Tip: Only people added to the Members module will be displayed in the dropdown list.

Sort Members in a Group

To order the Members within a Group, navigate to People > Groups

  1. Select the group name in the list that you want to order.
  2. Click the Sort Members button.
  3. Click a member's name to drag-and-drop into the order you prefer.
  4. Click the Save Sorting button.

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About 'Site Group'

All members and Site Administrators are part of the "Site Group" by default. The "Site Group" would be the place to publish content that you are comfortable with any web visitor seeing, and which isn’t particular to any group. All content not otherwise published to a group is published to the "Site Group".

Users set as Group Administrators do not have any additional privileges.

Common Uses

Staff Departments

If using a Staff widget (WordPress)on your Amplify website, you can utilize the group option to organize your team into different department groups (pastors, operations, children's, etc.) within a Staff Series, or a single group, such as a 'Staff' Group.

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Setting up a Group for each campus allows you to separate content throughout your site via the Amplify Ministry Content Plugins. Your North Campus events page could be totally separate from your Downtown Campus via the use of Groups.


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